Anchor Baptist Church is:

Still Preaching

Proclaiming the truths of the Bible with the power of God is God’s chosen method to instruct the believer.  Preaching produces lasting change in the believer’s life.

Still Reverent

Casual is all the rage in American institutions, but God deserves better.  We still believe that the presence of a Holy God deserves our attempt to express respect and reverence; not because it impresses Him, but because it affects our own hearts and attitudes. Reverence is a fading virtue in America.

Still Family

We still teach the biblical roles for the family as the best answer and as our only hope for stable, fulfilled homes.  Call them old-fashion or timeless; the biblical plan still works.  God is the author of the family. He has a plan. The family is the foundational building block for society and the church.

Still Hymns

Hymns are primarily songs of praise to God or Christ and are distinctly Christian.  The point of reference and the central figure is God.  All attention is focused on his person, character, will, and action.  The focus is God-centered not man-centered.

Still Exciting

 We still believe that church can be exciting without borrowing the latest fads to kick-start the crowd. Several practices have been used for centuries and they haven’t gone out of style because entertainment is not the standard. It can still be exciting even when it still feels like church.